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Welcome to the only national organization representing Amateur Radio in the US. As an ARRL member you support the ranks of thousands of other ham radio enthusiasts shaping the Amateur Radio service today. If you consider yourself an active ham… you need ARRL now. If you are not presently an active ham… let ARRL help you.

As a member of the ARRL, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Choice of printed magazine (eligible members)
    • QST, ARRL’s membership journal for active radio amateurs
    • On the Air, for new and beginner-to-intermediate-level radio amateurs (US only)
      (Memberships and magazines cannot be separated. Dues subject to change without notice and are non-refundable.)
  • Online Services –
    • All members can access digital editions of QST and On the Air magazines and archives.
    • QST Archive and Periodical Search
    • Product Review Archive
    • Email forwarding
    • E-Newsletters
  • A voice in the affairs of ARRL and ham radio through locally appointed volunteers
  • Publication Specials and on-line course discounts
  • Emergency Communication Services
  • Technical and Regulatory Information Services
  • Operating Awards
  • Ham Radio Equipment Insurance Plan Available
  • Outgoing Foreign QSL Service
  • Plus much more!

Take the next step in being an active participant in the future of ham radio. Join the ARRL today!